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Gas Station Clerk Fires Back

at Robbers


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Armed in Woodbridge, Va.


Be careful who you choose to hold up. That's the message two alleged robbers got from a clerk at a gas station in Woodbridge, Va.

The clerk did not want to be identified, but told FOX 5 his story. He's hoping by speaking out, it could help find the suspects and also help deter other criminals from attacking citizens.

The clerk said he was just finishing up a shift at the gas station and was sitting in his car warming it up. He said two men approached him and used a taser to stun him. Because he was wearing a thick coat, the stun gun didn't do much good.

The clerk said he had to act quickly to protect himself. He pulled the gun he was wearing on his waist. He fired two shots and he believes one of the attackers was hit. Both men ran away.

Police say they have checked local hospitals, but they have not found any wounded men who may have been involved in the shooting.

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