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2nd Amendment TV

Because self defense is a sacred right
A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


A message for all
Second Amendment TV subscribers

Google and Facebook want to drive us out of business
We need your help to survive

We know firearms are dangerous.

So are things like chain saws, pick up trucks and gasoline.

The rules for using guns safely are well known and should be taught and reviewed regularly the same way an airline pilot goes over his safety checklist before each flight. We put a link to these rules on every page on our site.

That said, the right to own firearms is a Constitutionally protected right.

History is clear on one thing: When tyrants want absolute power, one of the first things they do is ban private gun ownership.

Lately Google, Facebook and other large corporations that control the Internet want to drive us from the Internet.

That's fine....we just banned them and took all their ads off of our web site and have stopped using all their services.

For this site and the information it shares to survive we need the support of our readers and viewers.

If you believe that advice on how to use firearms safely and lawfully belongs on the Internet, please consider supporting the work of Second Amendment TV,

Our parent company BRASSCHECK TV - one of the Internet's oldest civil liberties sites on the Internet - can accept your credit card, Pay Pal, or check donations.

Thank you.

- The Second Amendment TV community


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