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Because self defense is a sacred right
A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


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69-Year-Old Man Shoots Home Intruder (2:39)

A Demasculated England (9:23)

Ambushed Florida Father (2:15)

Americans Against Guns (2:52)

Arizona's gun control laws (2:59)

Armed Citizen Thwarts Shooting Spree (1:39)

ATM Robber Scared Away (2:21)

Concealed Carry (17:12)

Disabled Florida Man Shoots Attacker (3:34)

Do guns make us safer? (4:37)

Florida Man Shoots Home Invader (1:56)

Guns and Women (3:47)

Handgun Defense Community (4:25)

History you've never heard (7:47)

Homeowner thwarts home invasion (1:39)

Is the Second Amendment Outdated? (2:45)

Is there an individual right to keep and bear arms? (1:56)

Knife-Wielding Psychopath (1:16)

On Guns (3:18)

Pizza Guy Pulls Gun (1:55)

Protecting yourself (7:17)

School Counselor Fires Back (1:58)

Security Video of Woman Shooting Robber (2:21)

Self defense, the 2nd Amendment, and personal liberty (17:27)

Stand Your Ground (7:53)

Store Clerk Shoots Robber (2:04)

True Liberty vs. Perfect Safety (3:29)

Veteran Pulls Gun on Attacker (2:24)

What a militia looks like (3:38)

When Seconds Count (4:01)

Without Rule of Law (46:52)

Zombieland Survival (7:29)

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