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Because self defense is a sacred right
A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


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Citizen action:


'Guns save lives' (5:53)

'Take off that T-shirt!' (2:11)

69-Year-Old Man Shoots Home Intruder (2:39)

A 2nd Amendment Christmas (16:32)

A Demasculated England (9:23)

A legal immigrant defends our rights (5:18)

A vet and cop gives anti-gun politicians a piece of his mind (03:18)

Action in New Hampshire (4:27)

Archie Bunker (1:32)

Are shooting events being staged? (36:03)

Arizona's gun control laws (2:59)

Armed Barista Pulls Gun (1:50)

Armed Citizen Thwarts Shooting Spree (1:39)

Armed Neighborhood Watchmen (3:01)

ATM Robber Scared Away (2:21)

Carrying guns on campus (0:37)

Changing Unconstitutional Gun Laws (29:46)

CNN Objects to Self-Protection (11:02)

Disarming Citizens Does Not Help (4:08)

Do Gun Bans Make us Safer? (54:28)

Does Gun Control Lead to Genocide? (3:46)

Gun Rights (8:21)

Handgun Defense (6:07)

Handgun Defense Community (4:25)

Hawaii Government Sued (3:53)

History you've never heard (7:47)

In support of the Second Amendment (01:00)

Invading Switzerland (3:12)

Keep the Torch of Liberty Burning (10:10)

Keeping the Second Amendment (5:03)

McCarthy Banning Magazines (3:48)

"No confidence" resolution introduced (6:36)

NOT a Badge.... (3:55)

Open carry rights displayed (2:24)

Outlawing Gun Control (9:58)

Piers Morgan gets schooled (3:03)

Police, Gun Control, and Democrats (1:45)

Sheriff says: "Don't be a victim" (05:56)

Starbucks Sticks to Its Guns (01:50)

Suzanna Gratia Hupp (5:24)

Suzanna Hupp (4:13)

The Big Boon for Gun Sales? (1:41)

The danger of untrained people with guns (8:33)

The Truth About Semi-automatic Firearms (10:53)

Time to Close Down the ATF (15:10)

Traveler's Guide to the Firearms Laws (7:45)

True Liberty vs. Perfect Safety (3:29)

Washington D.C. folds (9:36)

Washington Post Blames NRA (15:12)

When Seconds Count (4:01)

Where registration leads (5:20)

Without Rule of Law (46:52)

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