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A message to gun enthusiasts young and old


Disarming Citizens Does Not Help

and neither does lying to them


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A case against gun control.


Only mass murders like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao would conclude that gun control works. Of course, for them, gun control was a means of making the populace fearful, defenseless, and even dependent on the State for their "safety and security". I don't really see it as any different here at home in the United States.

Oh, they might say it's for your own good. They might have even convinced a large part of the population that the mere presence of a gun will make your average and ordinary citizen magically transform into a rootin' tootin' shoot 'em up maniac, but millions of us know different. Firearms are not some elixir that turned Dr. Jekyll into a Mr. Hyde.

My point is this: If someone takes away your only real means of defense and tells you that you are now safer, they are lying. Maybe they are are lying to themselves, but definitely to you. 



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