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Holder vs. The President's Stories
They don't add up


Here's the deal.

Back on 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference on the mass arrest of over 700 individuals involved in the over-the-border Mexican drug trade. At this press conference Holder announced that the administration was interested in reinstating the Clinton Era 'Assault Weapons' Ban in order stem the flow of guns originating in the United States and being smuggled into Mexico.

It's now 2011 and we find out that the ATF has been running an operation called 'Fast and Furious' in which guns originating in the United States are being smuggled into Mexico.

In May 2011, Holder tells a congressional investigative committee that he knew nothing about the operation until only a few weeks prior.

Two months prior to that denial of any knowledge, the President himself gave an interview stating that Holder knew nothing about the operation. So the President knew that Holder knew nothing, before Holder himself knew that there was something to know. Did you follow any of that? Me neither.

From what I can figure, the President must be a psychic. (sarcasm)

Investigators now have documents demonstrating that Holder's office was being updated regularly on the operation in question. Did Holder perjure himself?

I find it hard to imagine that Holder would not be up to date on such an operation, especially considering his stated interest in using Mexican Drug cartels as an excuse to ban firearms here in the Unites States.

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