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Gun rights news:


'Catch and Release' (2:58)

'We don't want your business.' (16:10)

'You wanna do gun control, start with the DOJ' (11:59)

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt. 1 (7:00)

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt. 2 (9:04)

A History of Gun Control in California, Pt. 3 (8:44)

A Thousand Bucks (2:06)

A Tour of Lies (4:18)

Americans Against Guns (2:52)

An honest debate on gun ownership (01:37:23)

Another sledgehammer prosecution of a law abiding citizen (7:51)

Arizona's gun control laws (2:59)

Armed Neighborhood Watchmen (3:01)

Arms Trade Treaty Conference (8:59)

ATF Director Out of Top Job (2:15)

ATF Promotes Its Own (15:21)

ATF Secretly Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (6:23)

ATF: Arms Trafficking Feds (5:10)

Australia Protests Gun Ban (7:22)

Blaming the American People For Gun-Running (9:52)

Brutalized Veteran Gun Owner (14:43)

California Bans Open Carry (5:37)

Chicago Intruder Killed (2:46)

Clinton's gun confiscation plan (02:54)

Criminalizing Citizenship (8:33)

David Hogg - Was he there or wasn't he? (04:55)

Deadly Gun Laws (10:00)

Demolishing the big anti-gun right myths (10:38)

Disarming Citizens Does Not Help (4:08)

Do Gun Bans Make us Safer? (54:28)

DOJ Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (8:05)

DOJ suggested gun running (11:27)

Enough with the crocodile tears (03:20)

Eric Holder's Testimony on Fast and Furious (12:38)

Fairness, honesty and gun rights (10:37)

Fast & Furious staged (11:48)

Fast and Furious (6:03)

Fed official refuses to testify (2:01)

Fire Attorney General Eric Holder (1:55)

Firearms Ownership (10:05)

Framing the Second Amendment (3:22)

FUBAR Gun Laws (21:31)

Global Gun Control (9:15)

Government gun-running (1:40)

Greatest gun salesman in America (3:17)

Gun confiscation in New Orleans (7:49)

Guns, Laws and Panic (8:04)

Hawaii Government Sued (3:53)

Howard Stern destroys the anti-gun rights argument (14:13)

I'll Give Up My Gun (4:20)

I'm PROUD of New York (4:16)

In hot water with Congress: (6:34)

Is the Second Amendment Outdated? (2:45)

Is there an individual right to keep and bear arms? (1:56)

Looking up to see what's coming down (10:05)

McCarthy Banning Magazines (3:48)

Medical Tyranny (13:57)

Michael's Law (3:04)

MSNBC anchor: Only agents of the state should have guns (3:20)

New 'Fast and Furious' Bombshells (5:03)

New Fast and Furious Documents (2:37)

"No confidence" resolution introduced (6:36)

No Guns For Jews - Part 1 of 3 (15:01)

No Guns For Jews - Part 2 of 3 (15:02)

No Guns For Jews - Part 3 of 3 (10:53)

Obama Administration in Trouble (14:19)

Obama Administration Under Mounting Pressure (3:26)

Obama Launches Gun Grab (9:08)

Obama's last ditch effort to limit gun rights (08:02)

Obama's Watergate? (2:15)

Obama's Worst Scandal (9:44)

Obama: 'AK-47s Are For Soldiers' (1:18)

On Guns (3:18)

Operation Fast and Furious (2:49)

Outlawing Gun Control (9:58)

Piers Morgan gets schooled (3:03)

Police, Gun Control, and Democrats (1:45)

Rep. Joe Walsh on Homeland Security IG (7:47)

Rep. Paul Gosar Calls B.S. (13:40)

Sandy Hook father (2:55)

Second Amendment rights not negotiable (8:03)

Second Amendment Sovereignty Act passed (8:48)

Stand Your Ground (7:53)

Stealing Freedom (7:21)

Suzanna Gratia Hupp (5:24)

Suzanna Hupp (4:13)

The Constitution Infringed? (5:26)

The danger of untrained people with guns (8:33)

The Great Gun Debate: Part Four (8:02)

The Great Gun Debate: Part One (12:24)

The Great Gun Debate: Part Three (14:04)

The Great Gun Debate: Part Two (7:51)

The Mexican Drug Cartels' Biggest Arms Supplier? (16:40)

The reality check anti-gun hysterics hate (2:15)

The Truth About Arms Trafficking in Mexico (8:39)

The Truth About Semi-automatic Firearms (10:53)

Time to Close Down the ATF (15:10)

Turn in your guns, get a flu shot (3:28)

UN Gun Grab (21:11)

Washington Post Blames NRA (15:12)

"We must brainwash people." (1:11)

What Sparky Tyranny? (50:10)

When Seconds Count (4:01)

White House Silencing of a Reporter (2:14)

Why the Second Amendment is not safe (18:39)

Why was this sick criminal allowed to buy guns? (03:29)

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