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The 'Fast and Furious' scandal:


ATF Director Out of Top Job (2:15)

ATF Promotes Its Own (15:21)

ATF Secretly Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (6:23)

ATF warns 'whistle-blowers' in the wake of the Fast and Furious scandal (2:24)

ATF: Arms Trafficking Feds (5:10)

Blaming the American People For Gun-Running (9:52)

Comedian Jon Stewart on Obama's claim of Executive Privilege pt.2 (5:46)

Comedian Jon Stewart on Obama's claim of Executive Privilege pt. 1 (2:22)

Contempt of Congress charge (8:30)

DOJ Arming Mexican Drug Cartels (8:05)

DOJ Knew About 'Gunwalking' (6:40)

DOJ won't prosecute Eric Holder (3:55)

Eric Holder's Testimony on Fast and Furious (12:38)

Fast & Furious staged (11:48)

Fast and Furious (6:03)

"Fast and Furious" goes to Milwaukee (8:20)

Fed official refuses to testify (2:01)

Fire Attorney General Eric Holder (1:55)

How Uncle Sam helps drug cartels (5:25)

"No confidence" resolution introduced (6:36)

Obama's Watergate? (2:15)

Rep. Joe Walsh on Homeland Security IG (7:47)

The return of "Fast and Furious" (01:59)

Worrisome Message (3:22)

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