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Another ATF "sting" operation

Here's the story and it's a doozy...

Here's what the ATF did:

1. They rented storefronts in residential neighborhoods and invited criminals to come and deal in guns and drugs

2. They hired mentally disabled people to hand out flyers to get out the word about the stores

3. In these stores they provided drugs to young people and encouraged them to consume them in the store

4. After the sting was over, they arrested the mentally disabled people their hired for their "criminal activity." The persuaded one mentally disabled man to get an ad for one of their stores tattooed on his neck.

5. In one operation, they left a machine gun - a real automatic rifle - in one of their cars, it was stolen and still hasn't been recovered.

6. They completely trashed the buildings they rented, didn't pay their utility bills and refused to pay the landlords for damages they caused.

7. They've arrested exactly zero "kingpins" in this program

You'll be happy to learn that this is a NATIONWIDE program and it's taken place in Florida, Kansas, Oregon, and Wisconsin (at least.)